Roxanne O’Brien is a New England born and bred artist whose painting career spans several decades. She works with a variety of media, but specializes in watercolor and oils.

Roxanne is taking commissions for just about anything! See her gallery for examples of recent work, which range from beautiful landscapes to precious family moments to the treasured family pet.

Photography is another talent of Roxanne’s, and she enjoys creating paintings from her photos. She paints as much as she has time for in her home studio. Considering she started painting before she could read or write, it is definitely in her blood now. Painting is her life and she could paint anywhere and just about anything! It keeps her at peace and maintains an internal glow that helps guide her through life.

She also loves to paint with other artists, and invites them to join her in her studio! If you are an artist and are looking for encouragement or companionship contact her to set up a date to work together. Sometimes just working on something in a creative environment can be very helpful.